It was born to a young couple with a passion for health, Anna Blanquez and Frédéric Guez. Anna passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine who learned in Beijing. Frédéric French osteopath trained in France and the United States. Together they discover that combining these two techniques the results are much more effective. They founded several acupuncture and osteopathy consultations in Spain and after years of clinical practice, a boy named Laureano appears in their lives with a neurological injury who came accompanied by his mother, seeking help to improve his quality of life after being pigeonholed in his psychomotor situation limited. Both Fred and Anna felt a great responsibility since it was the first time they had a patient with this type of injury, and something happened that would change the cycle of their lives ...

They decided to see Laureano for what he really was, a small and smiling boy who at that moment could not walk, not only because of his neurological injury but also because of a badly treated severe sprain. Anna and Fred discussed Laureano's case and little by little the positive changes began to be seen. Laureano is already a little man who is still just as smiling and adorable, but now he WALKS thanks to the Essentis® Method.

It is a psychomotor reeducation program adapted to the needs of each patient.

En Essentis® We have our own methodology with multidisciplinary teams addressing the patient in an individual, personalized, holistic and intensive way. Thus creating a comprehensive treatment coordinated with defined objectives.

Treatment consists of 4 hours a day multidisciplinary work where each patient receives individual stimulation: a patient - a therapist.

Los Intensive treatments will be at least one week in morning shifts from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or in the afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Recomendamos tratamiento intensivo de 3 semanas.

The first day of the intensive is intended to carry out an assessment and route of structural + functional objectives, both by the team and the patient.

Once the assessment has been carried out, the intensive treatment will be continuously under review according to the progress made in order to further improve the results.

Subsequently, the therapists jointly share everything obtained to carry out daily programs that adapt to the needs and pace of evolution of each patient. This is how we carry out evaluations and then treatment in:

  • Fisioterapia funcional y neurológica
  • Osteopatía músculo- esquelético
  • Osteopatía cráneo- sacral
  • Osteopatía visceral
  • Osteopatía acuática Neuro – osteopatía Medicina
  • Tradicional China
  • Tratamiento con dispositivo médico EMTable©3.0
  • Theratog
  • Therasuit®
  • Spider therapy
  • Estimulación vestibular
  • Reflejos arcaicos
  • Biofeedback neuromuscularprotocolo Metodo Essentis®
  • Neurología funcional VLP Estimulación neuro auditivabasada en la Técnica Dr. Tomatis
  • Tratamiento de la fibrosis muscularcon ondas de choque radial Storz®
  • Exoesqueletos, robótica y últimos avances
At the end of the treatment, a comparative evaluation will be carried out with its respective home monitoring guide, where it will be delivered: report of treatments carried out, exercises and final recommendations.

The key to our success is horizontal and not vertical decision making; cada paciente es tratado de forma individual, un paciente un terapeuta.