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New neurological dentistry service in Essentis

New neurological dentistry service

The Essentis center is proud to offer a new neurological dentistry service in its clinic.Its specialists, Dr. Ferran Lopez and dental hygienist Ana Martinez (who have been treating users of the pro-creative foundation Grup Catalonia for more than 20 years), offer a wide range of dental treatments described below :🚿Hygiène dental👀Examens dental and oral diagnosis🦷Traitements periodontal / light gingival😴Possibilité general anesthesia in hospital for more complex work (implant surgery, integral treatments, dental prostheses, endodontics, etc.).
Where?📍Ici ! On the Flor de Maig site (500 m from the Essentis® offices).
The plus✅ 100% adapted access✅Stationnement free of charge✅Pas waiting list✅Des affordable prices☎️Rendez you with our coordinator (Rocio)
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