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Essentis Method conference in London


Essentis Method conference in London

Essentis Method conference
in London

Theme: Caring for a patient with psycho motor delay (cerebral palsy, autism spectrum…) involves the interaction of many aspects which require this interaction is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who together choose the best rehabilitation strategy at both central and followed home to ensure progression.
For 1h30 we will present the latest news about those treatment.

When: Tuesday 10 of July 2018

Where: Lodge road, St john’s Wood London NW8 8LA Church of our lady

Access: free

Webside http://www.metodoessentis.com/portada.php?idioma=en

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Guest speaker:Fréderic Guez

Osteopath Ph. D. (USA) 
D.O. (Fr) M.R.O.E. Nº 82 (Spain) 
Founder & General Manager Essentis Method®
Vice President of the Register of International NeurOsteopathy 
Prof. Escuela Universitaria de Osteopatía Universidad Murcia (Spain) 
Prof. pole enfant handicapé clinique osteopathique Holistea Paris

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08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain)
info@metodoessentis.com (00 34) 935 952 432