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Russian Journal of Osteopathy

Russian Journal of Osteopathy

The Russian Journal of OsteopathyРоссийский остеопатический журнал, остеопатия России 
"The Russian Journal of Osteopathy" - is a scientific and practical publication for specialists in the field of osteopathy and manual medicine.
The journal covers the scientific achievements of renowned Russian and foreign researchers in the field of osteopathy and basic medical sciences. The journal serves as a forum for Russian osteopaths to express their professional views.
The "Russian Journal of Osteopathy" is also intended for doctors of other specialties who can find recommendations for the application of osteopathy in their therapeutic practice.
The journal is registered at the Ministry of Printing of the Russian Federation and has the certificate of media registration № ФС77-41783 dated 25.08.2010.
"Russian Journal of Osteopathy" is published since 2007. The publication is quarterly with a circulation ofa thousand copies. It is distributed throughout Russia.
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