A patient with a disability requires a global strategy: structure, emotion, function, orientation.

Cerebral palsy involves the interaction of several aspects, so its management requires a team of professionals to guide the patient's rehabilitation.
Training: We do intensive courses in several disciplines:

You can train in neurological osteopathy at the hands of the director Frederic Guez in Holistea (Paris).



Specialist course in neuro techniques – Osteopathy in Atman (Nice)



Do you study physiotherapy and want to do an internship at our center? Contact us and we will give you more information (GIMBERNAT, TECNOCAMPUS….). Intensive courses in aquatic physiotherapy, radial shock waves, osteopathy approach to neurological patients... for more information, follow us on social media (courses section)
We have projects adapted to each of our collaborators and investors, offering the possibility of establishing a neuro-rehabilitation center with worldwide renown and recognition, offering support, supervision, guidance and ongoing training. If you would like to be part of the Essentis family, do not hesitate to ask us for more information.
Do you want to be an Essentis® ambassador? Our team of professionals can move to give courses, visits and advice to your country of origin, we only need an ambassador, who will be the reference person who will organize events. Do you want to be our ambassador in your area? Find out about the advantages of being our ambassador-a.