This specialty proposes treatments of the sequelae in lesions of the central or peripheral nervous system ...

At Essentis®, the neurological physiotherapist will apply a series of techniques during the different sessions with the intention of improving the physical capacities and structural alterations of the patient in order to rehabilitate or improve the quality and efficiency of their movements and their posture. Our physiotherapists have extensive training in neurology and paediatrics, respiratory, orthopedic, geriatric, traumatology, archaic reflexes physiotherapy... each of them contributing their knowledge and skills to the benefit of our patients. At Essentis® we have wonderful facilities where we can carry out treatments in different environments, including the hot pool, sports areas, natural spaces,...

Osteopathy is a holistic manual therapy that aims to restore homeostasis in the body ...

to self-regulate. According to the osteopathic concept, the structure and function of each tissue, muscle, bone, joint, viscera ... are intimately linked. Osteopathic treatment aims to improve the vascularization of the structures and thus promote their function and self-healing. To carry out his treatment, the osteopath uses several types of techniques: muscle inhibition, joint manipulations, visceral manipulations, facial unscrewing, cranio-sacral work. Depending on the patient's needs, they will receive different types of corrections: - Musculoskeletal, joint and fascia in cases of sprains, joint injuries, scoliosis, bone malformation ... - Visceral manipulation in cases of constipation, digestive, respiratory disorders ... Neurological cranio-sacral osteopathy. Insomnia, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, migraines ...

Acupuncture is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This therapy is founded on an energetic and holistic approach.

Acupuncture is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This therapy is founded on an energetic and holistic approach. Precise acupuncture points are stimulated with needles to regulate Qi and balance physiological, organic and psychic functions. From a western point of view, it could be said that it allows to reinforce the self-regulation and healing processes that are activated when the organism faces an aggression: caused by a virus, stress, an injury... Acupuncture allows to treat often in complementarity with other therapies, a variety of imbalances of the musculoskeletal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, nervous systems... In addition to acupuncture, our specialists successfully work electro-acupuncture or neuro modulation, obtaining wonderful results in spinal cord injuries, sequelae of stroke, facial paralysis, hemiplegia… Years of experience demonstrate the innumerable benefits of this ancient therapy, improving digestion, sleep, physical and emotional pain and many more pathologies, restoring the optical balance of the organism. Our acupuncturists are specialized in pediatric application, ensuring painless and highly effective treatments, adapted to each patient, their needs and their apprehensions.

Essentis® has the honor of being the first neurorehabilitation center with this new patented medical device EMTable©3.0

Essentis® has the honor of being the first neurorehabilitation center with this new patented medical device EMTable©3.0, which enjoys medical recognition and scientific evidence in the significant improvement of symptoms in neurology, pediatrics and geriatrics. It is used for fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, temporal-spatial disorientation, multiple sclerosis, spasticity, dystonia, hyperacusis. This device was awarded in 2020 at the Orpea® Award 2020 in the innovation category and was cited in numerous articles in specialized stock market press such as the Financial Times. It can be seen with its use: Reduce the risk of falling in older people. Get up and go quiz. Lower stress levels in patients. Reduce fall risks. Facilitate a dream state. Facilitate the integration of archaic reflexes. Facilitate work with the vestibular system. Minimize or prevent the occurrence of apnea. Facilitate the work of osteopathy motility. Work on embodied cognition. Varella's theory. Working on anticipatory phenomena. Berthoz's theory. Have certain effects of sport without having to do it actively. Facilitate the secretion of nitric oxide and thus the oxygenation of all organs. Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in particular, would reduce the number of exacerbations, phases of superinfection and aggravation that seriously degrade quality of life and would reduce the time of disability that follows them. We are currently considering this in the case of patients with Covid19 (in resuscitation) and for their post-hospital respiratory rehabilitation.

Indispensable tool to effectively treat learning, memory, concentration, aphasia and management disorders

stress. Through auditory stimulation and technology developed by world-renowned psychophonologists. Traumas, painful situations, lived with fear that end up making the emotional response collapse. The thalamus - cortico - tonsil circuit no longer manages the related information and reference between the different regulatory bodies. It can no longer rely on representations of the associative cortex, or mobilize memories through the hippocampus that would allow analysis and understanding of events. When stress is overwhelmed, the hypothalamic - pituitary - adrenal axis, which is constantly stimulated, produces and releases high levels of cortisol and the sympathetic autonomic nervous system produces high levels of adrenaline, which is harmful to the body. Even when the stressful event stops, or despite the defense being subsequently launched, the amygdala and the emotional circuit will remain activated without the possibility of inhibition, causing a vital risk to the organism in danger of overvoltage. This therapy is performed by means of a sophisticated apparatus known as "Electronic Ear" developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis. By means of air and bone auditory stimulation under music bases or recordings of the mother's voice, those damaged areas are corrected, restoring the natural capacity for learning and conflict resolution.

The best non-surgical treatment of spasticity and muscular fibrosis. 

This system is based on the cavitation effect that produces a decrease in spasticity and fibrosis in the treated area and a notable decrease in pain. This system, as it is not invasive, allows a more premature and continuous application over time. We are proud to have participated in a scientific study whose results are a true “revolution” in the treatment strategy in pediatric neurology. (+ info in news). 

Non-invasive electro-myographic technique of quick and painless use that allows both the therapist and the patient to visualize, understand and correct that neuromuscular difficulty prevents proper functioning.

In this way the patient knows exactly the muscle that is not working correctly and thus provides an adequate response.

Since the beginning of Essentis, our tireless search for technical and medical advances has led us to systematically incorporate all existing pioneering techniques.

 in the world of rehabilitation. Thus, we have the best equipment, exoskeletons, proprioceptive suits and the latest cutting-edge technology.